2014. A new learning opportunity, I Ching Counseling.

“Where we are most uncomfortable is where our work lies.”  Carol Anthony


The I Ching Oracle is an ancient book, also known as the Book of Transformation.  It is a guide for reflection, self-knowledge and human psychology from an Eastern cosmological perspective.  It provides clarity by pointing out in steps a hidden path to an abundant natural resource:  each person’s unique inner truth.  To discover one’s true self and all of the help that accompanies it, that is the golden opportunity waiting to be received.

Every person from birth possesses a well-spring of uniqueness, with unusual talents and loving potential, waiting to be discovered.  Whenever a person is unable to sense their innate abilities, or isn’t receiving sufficient help to do so, it can be felt as a deep and painful longing, or obstacle in life.

But it is also the case that reaching a dead-end is a motivator for making a new beginning. It is this learning curve which motivates us to uncover these gifts. For those who feel sincerely drawn to approaching the I Ching, it will point them in the direction of the new opportunity, and an understanding of the purpose behind all difficulties.

It is my good fortune to share with others this work which has been so helpful to me.

Workshops and consultations are now available.

For more info contact:   kimyoung99@gmail.com

with appreciation, Kim Young

And with special thanks to the Bancroft Family Foundation and the Payson Senior Center in making this program possible.