w. thanks

Hi Everyone, I sincerely appreciate your pioneering efforts to explore consciousness and your inner worlds in this way.

Yes I did cut short the time (accidentally). Sorry!!   I’d like to get that right….There’s more I’d love to have heard from all of you with the extra half hour.  (I did catch some of that after class- thanks for coming out for lunch.  I hope we can try that again possibly.)
I also hope you continue to practice your meditations – in any way that you are inspired.  The inner world is at least half the picture and beyond for all of it’s immense gifts.  We’ve practiced a few over the year, making your mind dark, mind cleansing, heart meditation, etc… here’s the link for the example of the heart meditation at Carol & Hanna’s website:
And as always be creative with your method. It needs to suit you and your lifestyle so take these as suggestions with lots of room to customize to  your own way with the Sage. + feel free to share. 🙂
Thank you so much.