When we need a subterfuge

If someone (or even a culture) is too imprisoned by ego- mindedness (like fear, guilt or pride) the Sage will try to assist with a work around. For example, we may receive a dream or a reading on behalf of another in this regard.

Assisting with a safe extraction, is how they can ‘save face’ through the gentler surface and a firm interior. Not alerting the ego’s gatekeepers are central to this practice. Overall we are learning to be creatively determined, strategic and extremely careful in our psychic methods.

A Pastry-Covered Hammer.
— Read on http://www.indiewire.com/2014/03/a-pastry-covered-hammer-wes-andersons-grand-budapest-hotel-126752/


And with all my love, joy and appreciation to Carol Anthony, for a life dedicated to the teachings of the loving and nourishing ways of the cosmos.

We will miss you Carol.