april/013 dream class (on-line)

This course (with the help of Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog’s I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way and The Psyche Revealed) will explore the vast array of information depicted within one’s psychic landscape that we are shown in dreams.   Dream Class is a three-week on-line tutorial beginning April 15 through May 5.

Dream images contain essential bits of information about our inner truth and path in life or the circumstances of our body’s health and well-being. At other times they can warn us if we are in danger of creating a fate or give us advice to resolving an obstruction or helping with a decision in our lives.

The course is mainly self-paced but it can be time-consuming!  So to get the most from it students will need to allot approximately an hour a day of inner work for the duration of the class.  Attendance is limited to 5 students.  (Additional classes will be added later if there’s an overflow.)

Fee:  $200.00

For questions please email me:  kimyoung99@gmail.com