june/013 dream class (on-line)

This class will be a 10-day inner journey with a small on-line group.  (It is an abbreviated version of the more extensive dream classes I offer at other times during the year.) It is meant to provide students with some skills to better understand their own dreams with the assistance of the Sage and  the I Ching Oracle.

The information provided in dreams and meditations is indispensable.   They contain uniquely personalized messages from the psyche and explain the particulars of one’s unfolding path in life or more generally the inner truth of something that is in need of greater clarity.   I consider  this to be my relevant headlines for the day and I always allow myself some time while waking to absorb this information.

The dream class requires the following texts: Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog’s I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way and The Psyche Revealed. (available at ichingoracle.com or amazon.)

June mini class Fee: $45

For questions:  kimyoung99@gmail.com