may/013 meditation class

Meditation Class

Payson Senior Center

Meditation calms the mind and nurtures the body. It doesn’t require sitting for hours in challenging poses. The practice of turning inward for a short time is sufficient for a uniquely personalized method of self-healing. These classes provide some basic meditation principles which support the body’s natural intelligence  for an intuitively healthy and centered approach to life.


Here’s a brief look at some of the meditations and the themes we’ll be exploring in class:

1. Mind Cleansing – A helpful introduction to meditation as the basis for one’s inner peace and clarity.

2. The Heart Meditation – This meditation is helpful when we lack energy or have obstructed the heart-chi.

3. Deprogramming and the Inner No – Removing false ideas and negative emotions are what help reveal the true self through our natural boundaries and common sense.

4. Centering – Centering is a helpful meditation by itself and also as a prerequisite for receiving insight into a specific concern.

5. Listening to the Body – The body has more knowledge than the mind alone. Listening to the body is the key to self-knowledge and health.

6. The True Self –  The only thing we have to fear is not experiencing the joy of who we truly are.  Everyone has a true, whole and positive self, but many have yet to discover the joy of how that feels.



Classes are open to the community.

May Schedule:

Sundays, 11:00 to noon.

@ 514 West Main Street

sliding scale fee: $3-10

info:  928-474-4876,

instructor:  Kim Young