the body as an oracle

This is Dr. Burk’s video explaining his research into dreams as helpful warnings about cancer.  From a scientific standpoint it may not be apparent how that occurs, but for the I Ching, the intuition of the body is the main subject.  It is one example of what the I Ching means by the Sage, especially so if we have a regular practice of dream interpretation, insight types of meditation and a respectful relationship towards our senses.  ‘Mind over matter’ is a misnomer, because the body has much greater knowledge than the rational mind alone.  The psyche and DNA are designed to keep us healthy.  The I Ching shows us how to relate to the non-thinking part of our minds, so we can more easily become informed of what the body needs.   Listening within is the true ‘fountain of youth’ because healthy cells can only thrive in an environment of interconnectedness to our feelings and the loving nature of consciousness.

Hexagram 52, Meditation, line 4, explains how to turn inward to see the condition of one’s heart and what to do when it needs help. Hexagram 14, Cosmic Possessions, line 2 explains how to unload the dangerously negative and parasitic elements that collect in the mind (and if not removed can cause all manner of health issues.) And there are so many other examples throughout the I Ching on this important subject.

thanks Dr. Burk!!


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meditation as inner housekeeping

“Indeed, when we begin this inner housecleaning, we may find the house full of trash. After all, trash that has not been cleaned out accumulates year after year, causing both emotional and physical problems. Returning our inner house to order may, in fact, require months or even longer, but all the while we do this work, we become more unburdened, with joy returning to our lives. The starting point for returning is always an obstruction, or a conflict, or a problem of some sort. They are giving us the message that it is necessary to begin to look for their cause.”

Anthony, Carol K.; Moog, Hanna. The Psyche Revealed Through The I Ching (Kindle Locations 5884-5887). ICHINGBOOKS. Kindle Edition.


gumby as the wanderer (hexagram 56)

“Gumby is a product of light, and light is love.” – Art Cloakey and why Gumby is green.

Gumby was a character that expressed the expanding field of human consciousness of Art Cloakey.  He brought Gumby to life with so many wonderful metaphors which can be reflected in some I Ching principles – like innocence and liquidity of mind, curiosity, Gumby’s dog that says NO! and the Horse Helper, (the Mare in Hexagram 2), to name just a few.

Here’s more about his fascinating life, difficult childhood and the loving helpers of Art Cloakey’s destiny: